Adhesive tapes – an array of different products

Adhesive tapes – an array of different products

It is considered the most important daily necessities, to help adhere to almost anything in one of your home. But its use is more widespread and diverse than we know. In fact, sometimes used for various purposes in addition to a variety of sticky pages or packaging gift it.

Different varieties of the tape

The first tape was invented in 1845 and since then there has been a sequence of different varieties from the Dr.Horace purpose adhesive tape for the invention.

These tapes are mainly used to repair damaged stuff like toys, plastic products. It can also be used for the purpose of child processes. Available in different vibrant colors, these are often the children to highlight their pages. However, these uses are numerous. These can also be used on clothes and glasses.

Varieties include double-sided tape tape, the tape, masking tape, foam tape, pressure sensitive tape, Teflon tape, glass and the like.

Mirror tape with different colors and designs are used for decorative purposes, packaging gifts and many other uses. Box sealing tape is used for packaging purposes. With double-sided tape can be easily added to two things back to back, unlike single-sided tape.

These tapes are useful species

Another variety of this tape is useful electrical tape used to bind the cord. Because it is made of ethylene, which is not conductive and is regarded as a safety measure.

Surgical tape is another adhesive tape for stick dressing on the wound. Duct tape for sealing pipes and ducts mainly industrial uses like leakage. It can also be used for construction purposes, such as sealing windows and so on.

It is used to heat-activated adhesive material such as felt. It is mainly useful to insist on a rough surface.

Gaffer tape, which is also known as PCL tape, is a different kind of band, which is used in the entertainment industry sticky cables. It can also be used to repair the carpet and create a watertight seal. It is to find a useful accessory in every tool box, and for multiple purposes. Gaffer tape is quite effective sticky polyethylene tent in construction sites.

The reflective tape is used on the road in bad weather conditions, to increase visibility at night.

In addition to all of the above varieties have printing band before, can be used to display important information such as careful handling, do not bend, and so on. Working with packages and cardboard on these tapes.

Its use is not limited to just wrapping gifts or sticking pictures. It has a wide range of uses and a wide variety of available species. Online Store Most of these tapes are listed in the B2B directory later.

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