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Characteristics and application of waterproof seal tape

Features waterproof material, waterproof construction of flexible and rigid materials can be divided into two categories. With raw material manufacturers of flexible material with high tensile strength, elongation string large basket used in state worship light weight, easy construction, but operating the technical requirements more stringent, puncture resistance and strong wine aging performance than rigid material. Waterproofing membrane for the factory production, uniform thickness, quality child relatively stable, simple construction technology, high efficiency. But the web lap joint more easily disengaged seams on complex surfaces and irregularities large grassroots construction difficult. Features with raw material manufacturers to paint the opposite, synthetic polymer membranes, polymer modified bitumen membranes and membrane Lek Celadon also have different advantages and disadvantages. Manufacturers of powdered raw material with waterproof material, grassroots humidity No, Shí, good low temperature performance, small deformation by grassroots influence; but it required a rigid material covering, heavy, poor process reliability Ding Shi, now basically no use.

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