Fire protection – tape-dope pipe sealant comparison

Fire protection – tape-dope pipe sealant comparison

high temperature resistance jumbo roll ptfe thread seal tape

Leaking sprinkler systems can cause thousands of dollars in damage to ceilings, floors, furniture and other valuables. Prevent leakage of these options are not installed, which is a requirement. Metal pipe connection automatic sprinkler system can be used PTFE tape, pipe dope or anaerobic sealant; product selection is application dependent.

These are two main reasons from a metal pipe sprinkler system leakage. Leak metal pipe connections, and pinhole leaks in the weld. Pin hole leak can be prevented or managed by the anaerobic welding and coating and sealant is heated to eliminate.

In connection with pipe joints can prevent leakage of PTFE tape, paint or anaerobic pipe sealant to.

PTFE tape

PTFE tape to seal the connection, if the pipe is not directional. Tighten the pipe must make the appropriate tightening torque. If the pipe is too tight or tube must be loosened to change the direction of the seal is no longer in other words, if it is at the discretion of the user when to stop tightening. Not recommended cracked or damaged threads PTFE tape.

Pipe dope

Pipe coatings, solvent-based adhesives, maintaining paste. It provides a good seal, but does not prevent loosening due to vibration or stresses. Frequent changes in temperature or near equipment or piping vibration from other sources may loosen over time.

Anaerobic sealant

Anaerobic sealant cured to form a plastic seal. They only treatment and removal of oxygen upon contact with the metal. This makes them easy to use and clean. Many comprising polytetrafluoroethylene, thereby simplifying the assembly.

Anaerobic pipe sealant to seal the moment offered to 1000PSI and when the pipe burst may exceed the level cure. Therefore, if the pipe system must be readjusted in the square break, adjustment will not break the seal of curing does not occur immediately. High-viscosity materials provided thread sealing cracked or damaged.

It should never be necessary removal and anaerobic sealing sealing normal hand tools will do the job sprinkler system. Anaerobic sealants provide inherent corrosion, so there is no connection to deal with rust.
Traditional Anaerobic sealants should not be used (plastic) in the CPVC pipe, however, anaerobic pipe sealant has been in the metal pipe may contain on CPVC systems developed for use at work.

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