How to Use Pipe Tape?

How to Use Pipe Tape?


1. Grip the end of your fingers with tape. Pressed against the male end of the pipe end of the pipe plumber thread thread sealing tape, and 1/8 inch from the bottom of the tube in the distance.

2. Start winding plumber pipe thread sealing tape around the male end in the same direction, the thread will be. Overlap each rotation plumber with a width of a half, but with the end of the first pass do not overlap.

3. Continue to wrap pipe thread tape, holding a plumber’s tape to teach you to go. Covering all pipe thread tape wound while you continue to the next tape slightly overlapping each row.

4. In the final stretch of a pass from reel tape tear. Tightly pressed against the pipeline in order to ensure end plumbers tear thread sealing tape.

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