How to wrap a pipe with a Teflon tape

How to wrap a pipe with a Teflon tape

Teflon tape is a thin film material, a delicate white bar which we used to tighten the pipe will be attached to the front end plumbing fittings package. Tape jacket pipe threads and contribute to the formation and seal assembly to prevent leakage. It can be a little frustrating work, because it is so fragile, but once you have a leak in the pipeline, it would be worth it.

Make sure the threaded end of the tube is free of dust or debris.

Unplug small length from a roll of tape and, with the thumb, which is pressed on the end of the tube, but no more than the opening in the thread. Tape should be positioned so that when you relax roll around the pipeline, that will be in the same direction, which is fitted to be applied to the tube will go. (Typically, this is clockwise).

Relax pipe in a clockwise direction around the roll of tape, while still maintaining the threaded end of the tube with the thumb of the tape. The end of the first round of the tape should be doubled, and completely covers it (put your thumb after takeoff roll comes around). Then, when you continue to move the thread is wound down. Each process of tape should overlap the previous one by its about half the width of the tape. Keeping tension band you pack up, so you can see the shape of the thread through the tape.

Continue wrapping until you have covered the entire threaded portion of pipe. Then put your thumb on the packaging tape to where you pull a tear roll held. Press the ends of the rest of the film into the strip threaded tear.

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