It is possible to powder coat chrome?

It is possible to powder coat chrome?

Powder coating is a commonly used to coat a variety of parts and protect them from corrosion and rusting process. The method includes a dry powder is blown onto the surface and then baked until the protective layer is formed on the surface it is applied to a coating on the metal surface.

It is often in the car (especially motorcycles) industry, but there is a question many people ask is whether it is possible that chromium powder coating. After all, the sprayed powder does need a surface to grip it and Chrome can be a very smooth surface. But it is possible to coat chrome parts, as long as you have someone who knows what they are doing.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering have put on a powder-coated chrome parts:
• First, we need to recognize that you can not chromium powder coating is very important. Coating does not stick to the edge. In order to do this work, you have to close some stripped chrome surface, and then apply the coating.

• You can use the powder coating, it looks like after the Chrome browser has been applied. Such coatings are generally used bright surface, similar to the chrome dry, although technically it is not at all browsers.

• can be applied prior to powder coating, the parts must be blasted, so that any residual which they will fall off.

• pretreatment is an important part of the powder coating, because it ensures that the member is completely clean before applying the coating. It is easy to know that has not been pretreated prior to coating and / or sandblasting imposed since shortly after the beginning of the coating is applied to a portion of its peel.

• Be sure to ask a few questions you intend to use on the shop, because not everyone is suitable for coating the highest quality standards to apply powder coatings. If you do not want to remove the finish immediately pretreatment is necessary.

• Also keep in mind that while most chrome parts can be powder-coated, there are some, it is best not to coat. Chromium plating itself is usually applied, and if the part itself can not stand up to a temperature of about 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which should not be coated. High temperature, to obtain the coating adhered to the appearance of success is required. In some cases, you may be able to protect the sensitive areas of special green tape designed for the purpose of each part, but as always, before you decide anything, check with a professional.

In considering whether you should actually put your chrome parts painted, advantages and disadvantages do you think the process is very important. For example, the powder coating is a good choice if you are looking for does not issue many coating (if any) volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. This is an important reason for concern, especially in the home decoration industry, because, like electrical appliances, carpets, countertops, and some items can be deflated, release chemicals into the air.

Another advantage of the powder coating is the fact that it provides more than thick coating of liquid coating. It is also a way to protect the metal parts other than the process more environmentally friendly, and generally create a uniform coating. In addition, you can do to create the type of special effect paints used by change depending on the part you need.

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