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Types of PTFE Tape

Types of PTFE Tape

PTFE strips come in a variety of colors, density and thickness. For the most basic pipeline project, you will be able to use the standard, white Teflon tape. However, the gas lines and more dangerous work, more specialized types of thread tape may be necessary. With color, it does not affect its performance, but depending on your coloring tubes can be selected. There are signs that determine the classification PTFE tape, taking into account factors such as the width and density instead of the standard.

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How to Use Pipe Tape?

How to Use Pipe Tape?


1. Grip the end of your fingers with tape. Pressed against the male end of the pipe end of the pipe plumber thread thread sealing tape, and 1/8 inch from the bottom of the tube in the distance.

2. Start winding plumber pipe thread sealing tape around the male end in the same direction, the thread will be. Overlap each rotation plumber with a width of a half, but with the end of the first pass do not overlap.

3. Continue to wrap pipe thread tape, holding a plumber’s tape to teach you to go. Covering all pipe thread tape wound while you continue to the next tape slightly overlapping each row.

4. In the final stretch of a pass from reel tape tear. Tightly pressed against the pipeline in order to ensure end plumbers tear thread sealing tape.

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Professional PTFE Plumber's Thread Tapehot sale products

high temperature resistance white ptfe heat sealing tapes

high temperature resistance white ptfe heat sealing tapes

high temperature resistance white ptfe heat sealing tapes

high temperature resistance white ptfe heat sealing tapes
high temperature resistance white ptfe heat sealing tapes

Detail Description

1.Brand Zhongxin
2. Composition 100% Ptfe
3. Density 0.2g-0.45g/cm3
4. Percentage elongation ≥25%
5. High pressure resistance 150-200kg/cm2
6. Residual lubricant(max) ≤0.5%
7. Temperature -190°C to + 370°C
8. Tensile strength ≥8Mpa
9. Color Pink, white, yellow or other colors base on certain MOQ.
10.Length 5-50m
11. Thickness 0.075mm-0.2mm
12. Width 3-100mm
13.Standard or Nonstandard standard
14.Place of Origin Fujian, China(Mainland)
15.Minimum Order Quantity 50,000 pcs

Color Ptfe Tape


Packaging Detail

Inner packing: 10pcs tape wrapped in transparent shrink foil / box or one pcs in a small box as clients’ requirement.

Outer packing: 250pcs/carton, 4 cartons/master carton, or as per customer’s request.

ptfe tape package

Special Features

Insulativity high and low temperature resistance
good heat-stability good resistance to abrasion
non-stick surface Durability
nonflammability corrosion resistance
excellent weather resistance radiation resistance
chemical resistance a long-term preservation
good sealing effect High voltage
high strength nontoxicity


1. Ptfe Tape is widely used in applicable strong oxidant, strong acid, oxygen, gas, high temperature steam and various chemical corrosive of Pipes and valves interface.

2. Ptfe Tape can be long term used in the temperature between -190°C to +360°C.

3. Ptfe Tape is used in hardware, construction, chemical and electronic, national defence, transport, medicine and other areas.

4. Ptfe Tape is widely used in industrial applications, civil-construction, machinery, chemicals, and space navigation especially in drainage systems, and are characteristics of thread sealing, insulation, corrosion resistance anti-aging, using in oxidizing agent for a long term.

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