corrosion resistance white ptfe pipe joint seals

Teflon tape insulation description

Teflon tape insulation description

1, the products used in Japan JISK industry standard.
2, this product has excellent sealing properties, resistance to atmospheric aging resistance, insulation and totally incombustible, at -200℃——+-250℃ in long-term use .
3, the product range is widely used for pipeline wire port strong oxidants, strong acids, oxygen, gas, high-temperature steam and chemical corrosive media sealing valve interfaces.
4, the product used in metal, construction, chemical, electronics, defense, transportation, medicine and other fields.

Corrosion resistance, chemical corrosion and weathering resistance except molten alkali metals, Teflon almost free from any chemical reagents corrosion. For example, in concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, even the king of boiling water, its weight and performance of no change, it is almost insoluble in all solvents and only slightly soluble in more than 300 ℃ full-alkanes (about 0.1g / 100g). PTFE does not absorb moisture, combustible, oxygen, ultraviolet light are very stable, and therefore have excellent weather resistance.

Features: PTFE packing from pure Teflon tape woven, without the PTFE emulsion and lubricant processing. Result is a flexible solid woven and adjustable, so with the shaft, stuffing box can be a good match with excellent corrosion resistance, good self-lubricating and anti-paste nature, is recommended for chemical, food, and other non- to allow the operation of pollution occasions, it can also be used for all media except for the case of chemical soluble alkali metal.

Therefore, the requirements of the valve plug and Teflon sleeve surface roughness value must be small, its geometric shape error also must be small in order to achieve the required sealing pressure ratio. If the valve sleeve again pressing need to recover the sleeve seal, it must be yellow in the valve closed position to prevent the pressure within the flow channel Teflon sleeve.

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