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The Information of Ptfe Tape

The Information of Ptfe Tape


Malaysia Teflon tape TOMBO® is coveted brand PTFE thread seal tape. It is widely used in applications Plumber general water system. Mounted in a convenient plug and hat, TOMBO® easy to use, quality is in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 standards in line.


The TOMBO® Teflon tape pipe thread 1/8 “(3 mm) from the pipe end 1 will end.
2 tape wrapped around the tube with a wire stretched slightly pulled.
3. Slight overlapping initiate a turn.
4. covering all topics and pull hard to tear tape.
5. The connector assembly.


1. What is PTFE?
PTFE is polytetrafluoroethylene.
2. Why is polytetrafluoroethylene so special?
PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid material, it is very non-reactive. Therefore, it is compatible with a very wide range of materials.
3. What is PTFE thread seal tape?
Teflon tape is made with raw materials made of PTFE paste extrusion. This is all conventional pipe dope a modern alternative materials. It can effectively relieve your headache many pipeline, while significantly reducing costs and maintaining the pipeline.

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