white ptfe pipe thread sealing tape

Thread seal tape introduction

Thread seal tape introduction

Thread sealing tape (also referred to as PTFE tape or plumber’s tape) is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane for use in sealing pipe threads. Videotapes sold down to a specific width and wound on the spool, so it is easy Pipe threads. It is also known by the generic trade name Teflon tape; and Teflon is virtually identical to PTFE, DuPont (trade mark owner) consider such use is not correct, particularly when they are no longer on tape forms manufacture Teflon. [1] thread seal tape lubrication allows deeper thread seat, and it helps prevent the threads are unscrewed stuck. [2] The tape can also be used as a filler and a deformable thread lubricant to help seal without hardening or make it more difficult to tighten the joint, [3], but make it easier to tighten. [2]
Normally, pipe thread tape wrapped three times before it is screwed into place. It is typically used to apply commercial purposes, including pressurized water system, central heating and air compression equipment.

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