Tips on how to stretch ears using tape

Tips on how to stretch ears using tape

Earlobe stretching tend to make about your individual design and stunning style statement, but found taper Normally, when you reach a certain size of the challenge. Stretching earlobes generally achieve the 2-3 long tapered to gradually increase the size of the perforation. Cone lubrication and pierces the current stretch, then use a new bigger a rapidly substituted. In general, the maximum size of the taper would be obtained in a. “Style are usually more expensive and difficult to obtain. Pull projecting ears using tape, referred to as” bandage provides “a much cheaper and readily available substitute .

Items you need:

* Plug-in or meat tunnel
* PTFE tape
* Water-based lubricant (optional)

1. Clean your hands, you perforations and plugs, flesh tunnels, and you want to use. Mild, unfragranced cleaning soap or detergent should be used to prevent perforation of irritability.

2. Place 1 layer of tape and wrap-around or flesh tunnel plug the middle. Make sure both sides of the flat ribbon affixed jewelry.

3. Re-insert the jewelry. For those who have difficulties to go back to use the right amount of lubrication.

4. Allow to rest a day or two after the piercing, the replication process, adding an additional layer of tape. Continue adding the tape, a layer of time, every few days, until you achieve your preferred specifications.


PTFE tape may be obtained at most hardware stores. If you prefer, you can use the straps as well. Bondage tape can be found online or in the adult business.

Before you can always make time to add more piercing layers of tape to rest. Adding one or more layers of tape, every day is not recommended, because the stretch too quickly can cause injury.

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