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What is Ptfe Thread Seal Tape?

What is Ptfe Thread Seal Tape?

Product Description:

1.PTFE Teflon tape is advanced processing technology.
2. PTFE Teflon tape is widely used in anti-oxidants, strong chemical corrosion, acid, oxygen, gas, steam, high temperature and pipes and valves interfaces.
3. PTFE Teflon tape can be used at temperatures between -190 degrees and long-term; C to 360 degrees; Ç
4. PTFE Teflon tape used in the field of hardware, construction, chemical, electronics, defense, transportation, medicine and so on.
5. PTFE Teflon tape is widely used in industrial, civil – construction, machinery, chemicals, especially in navigation, drainage, and a thread sealing, insulation area. Corrosion, anti – aging, oxidant used in the long term.

Special Features:

  1. High insulation, low temperature performance.
  2. Good thermal – stability, good wear resistance.
  3. Non-stick surface incombustible corrosion resistance.
  4. Excellent weather resistance, resistance to radiation.
  5. Chemical resistance long – term storage.
  6. Non-toxic, high strength.

If you would like more information about the Ptfe Thread Seal Tape, please click: Ptfe Thread Seal Tape.

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high temperature resistance jumbo roll ptfe thread seal tape

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